UNESCO Chair in Influence of African Thought - Preservation of African Cultural Heritage” (718), established in 2006 at the University of Lomé (Togo).


Cultural Heritage


  • To create a research and training centre in several countries of West Africa  (northern Togo and Benin, Ghana  and Burkina Faso).
  • To enhance the spiritual dimension of the cultural heritage of the peoples of these regions through the knowledge of their ancestral lore, while emphasizing the link between tradition and modernity, to promote the emergence of intellectual elite specialists in the culture of the region.
  • To build capacity in the field of preservation and development of cultural heritage. This will promote exchanges between students from the region and foreign nationals.

Host Institution

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network



Prof. Dominique Sewane,UNESCO Chairholder

E-Mail address - dosivane(at)
Cellular Phone - 33-(0)6-84-29-11-71
Street - 368, rue de Vaugirard
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