UNESCO/Arab Region Ecotechnie Network (AREN)(587), established in 2002 at South Valley University, Aswan (Egypt).


Multidisciplinary Environmental Education: Ecology, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Economics, Social Sciences and Technology.


  • The principal objectives of the Cooperation Programme are to promote: 
  • Multidisciplinary environmental education, research and training in teaching institutions, at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • The development of ecotechnie concepts, curricula, training course and research projects, including the development of joint undergraduate and postgraduate progrmmes and advanced research among the participating institutions.
  • Increased environmental awareness among the general public, technical personnel and decision-makers.
  • Exchange of ecotechnie-related information at the regional level between educators, researchers, policy makers and students.
  • Sharing of experiences, information and data between members of the Network related to ecotechnie-oriented education, training and research.

Host Institution


  • University of Bahrain (Bahrain)
  • UNESCO-Cousteau Ecothecnie Chair in Environment and Sustainable Development, the University of Bahrain, Environmental Research Centre (ERC) (Bahrain)
  • University of Jordan (Jordan)
  • University of Mohamed V (Morocco)
  • University of Khartoum (Sudan)
  • University of Damascus (Syria)
  • University of Sana’a (Yemen)
  • South Valley University, Assouan (Egypt)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences, UNESCO Office in Cairo.


AREN Coordinator, Unit of Environmental Studies and Development (UESD), South Valley University
E-Mail address - irina44(at)
Work Phone - (+20) 97 481 550
Fax - (+20) 97 480 448
City - Aswan 81528
Country - Egypt