UNESCO Chair in sustainable urban development for Asia and the Pacific (817), established in 2008 at the University of Newcastle (Australia).


Architecture research and urban planning, engineering, environmental engineering and ecology, construction management, computer science, social sciences, and education.


The development objective of the Chair is to be an open research and educational platform, promoting and facilitating cooperation between existing research clusters in energy, organic electronics, architectural research and design, management of climate change impacts, and environment at the University of Newcastle, integrating their research expertise in relation to sustainable urban development. The expected outcomes of its activities include:

  • identification of environmentally friendly technologies in order to improve our management of both natural and man-made resources;
  • more efficient use of energies provided by renewable sources;
  • better understanding of issues such as climate change;
  • training young researchers to build future capacity in sustainable urban development, especially knowledge transfer to developing countries;
  • follow-up through a Post-Kyoto agenda
  • nurturing and supporting research Higher Degree (RHD) students from developing countries throughout their studies as well as increase the number of RHD students participating in sustainable urban development. 


An urban ultimatum (Article in Sustainability: Australia's Future (2009), pages 84-85)

Back to the City. Strategies for Informal Urban Interventions

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Social and human sciences.


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