UNESCO Chair on Comparative Research on Cultural Diversity and Social Justice (1011), established in 2013 at Deakin University (Australia)


Cultural diversity and social justice.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • engage in comparative evidence-based research on the emerging opportunities and challenges associated with cultural diversity, as well as the ethical and democratic governance of this diversity to advance knowledge and understandings of complex social transformations associated with cultural diversity and the inclusion of diverse populations in public policies;
  • conduct research in the fields of migration, comparative intercultural research and social justice with a special focus on issues confronting African Diaspora communities, migrant youth and women; and, disseminate results widely, including via leading international journals and policy briefs;
  • enhance intercultural understanding and cultural competencies in the public sphere by highlighting key issues facing migrants from across the globe through public forums and media engagement under the lens of social justice and social inclusion;
  • organize jointly with partners, including social scientists and policy makers, conferences and symposia focusing on current themes pertaining to cultural diversity, intercultural relations and social justice, and the governance of cultural diversity to share research findings and promote public awareness of these issues;
  • bolster collaboration in these fields with existing UNESCO Chairs and key international agencies, NGOs, government agencies and industry partners;
  • act as a peer reviewer in the MOST work on social inclusion; and,
  • cooperate closely with UNESCO on relevant programmes and activities.

Host Institution

Deakin University

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO Office in Apia

Contact: Dr Fethi Mansouri, UNESCO Chairholder

School of Humanities and Social Studies

Geelong Waterfront Campus, Locked Bag 20000


Geelong Victoria 3220


Phone: +61 3 924 43914

E-mail: fethi.mansouri(at)