UNESCO Chair in South-South Cooperation on Science and Technology to Address Climate Change (963), established in 2012 at the Beijing Institute of Technology (China).


Climate change, south-south cooperation in science and technology.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • research existing scientific South-South cooperation to address climate change, and develop a strategy to strengthen dialogue and action for enhanced scientific cooperation in this field;
  • set up a mechanism for information-sharing on research results, existing technological solutions and ongoing science and technology needs to address climate change;
  • research effective methods and mechanisms for South-South research and development cooperation, technology transfer and training in relevant fields; develop a guide on applicable technology transfer and technical training which could benefit interested developing countries; and, identify resources to facilitate implementation;
  • provide postgraduate and short-term training on strategy, policy and management of scientific cooperation to address climate change to students, experts and young professionals; and,
  • cooperate with relevant local, regional and global organizations to achieve the above objectives.

Host Institution

Beijing Institute of Technology

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences, UNESCO Beijing Office


Contacts: Prof. Dr. Liu Yun, UNESCO Chairholder

School of Management and Economics

Beijing Institute of Technology

100081 Beijing, PR China


Tel: (86)10-68940708

Fax: (86)10-68940708

Mobile Phone: 13520522167


Dr Wang Yang, Co-Chairholder

Director of Division of International Talent and Training

China Science and Technology Exchange Center

54 Sanli Road, Xicheng District,

Beijing, PR China 100045


Tel: (86)10-68513389

Fax: (86)10-68511837

Mobile Phone: 13601058359