Republic of Korea

UNESCO Chair in Philosophy (129), established in 1997 at Seoul National University (Republic of Korea).


Philosophy and democracy.


  • To cover a coherent set of activities involving training, further training, research, information and documentation in the field of philosophy and democracy.
  • To encourage the co-operation of high-level researchers with a recognized international reputation with the research and teaching team in charge of the doctorate programme in philosophy.

Host Institution


  • Public and private Korean universities.
  • University of New South Wales (Australia). Website
  • Hanazono University (Japan). Website
  • University of New Delhi (India).
  • University of Punjab (Pakistan). Website
  • Ateneo de Maniloa (Philippines).
  • Chulalongkorn University (Thailand). Website

UNESCO Sector/Field Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Social and Human Sciences.


Prof. In-Suk Cha, Department of Philosophy , Seoul National University
E-Mail address - insukcha(at)
Work Phone - 82 2 880 6217
Fax - 82 2 874 0126
City - Seoul
Postal Code
- 151-742
Country - Republic of Korea