Korea (Republic of)

UNESCO Chair in Women's empowerment (876), established in 2010 at Ewha Women’s University (Republic of Korea)

Fields/Disciplines: History, women’s studies, sociology, cultural anthropology, politics, and educational technology


The specific objectives are to:

  • discover and collect data on women leaders in Asia;
  • launch a new class on imaginary dialogue with women leaders in the modern history of Asian countries;host regular forums on the theme: “women leaders in the modern history of Asian countries”;
  • produce documentary films about women leaders in the modern history of Asian countries on the basis of research results;
  • create a website where the entire procedures and progress of the women’s empowerment project will be made available to the public, and where scholars can engage in interdisciplinary exchange with each other;
  • hold a series of seminars for EGGP students and other foreign students on the subject of Asian women leaders;
  • organize visiting professorships, and produce publications on research result.

Host institution:

Ewha Women’s University, Seoul (Republic of Korea)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network
Social and Human Sciences , Bureau of Strategic Planning


Prof. Bae-Yong Lee, President,Ewha Women’s University

UNESCO Chairholder


E-mail: bylee(at)ewha.ac.kr

Phone: +82-2-3277-2011

Fax: +82-2-393-59-03

11-1 Daehyun-dong, Seodaemun-gu

Seoul 120-750

Republic of Korea