Republic of Korea

UNITWIN Network on Capacity Building of Sustainable Development in Developing countries in the Asian Region (764), established in 2007 at Handong Global University (Republic of Korea).


Business administration, management, information and communication technologies, and law.


  • The principal objectives of the Cooperation Programme are to:
  • promote an integrated system of research, training, information and documentation activities in the field of sustainable development, in particular, training in global leadership in the Asian region in business, information technologies and law, through exchanges in MBA programmes.
  • provide advice and expertise to assist all countries, particularly the least developed in the Asian region, in:
  • establishing long-term cooperation among partner universities in capacity building and institutional strengthening in global leadership in business, management, information technologies and law;
  • facilitating links between the member institutions through development of interaction and collaboration among partner universities as well as among related UNITWIN Networks through joint programmes, visiting professorships and student mobility;
  • helping members of the Cooperation Programme to establish an international cooperative research and training programme in global leadership in business, management, information technologies and law;
  • developing methods of interdisciplinary research and development activities through knowledge sharing and mutual assistance in upgrading and further development of the existing academic and professional qualifications;
  • permitting better-informed international recognition of qualifications;
  • ensuring academic mobility of faculty and students with the aim of carrying out exchanges and establishing MBA Programmes between the participating higher educational institutions;
  • facilitating the development and use of information and communication technologies;
  • enabling Cooperation Programme members to update and upgrade their capacities through linkages with other universities in the world.

Host institutions


  • Kandahar University (Afghanistan)
  • Royal University of Law and Economics (Cambodia)
  • Royal University of Agriculture (Cambodia)
  • Pannasastra University of Cambodia (Cambodia)
  • National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia
  • Life University (Cambodia)
  • Dalian University (China)
  • University of Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
  • National Institute of Technology Patna  (India)
  • Universidad Mariano Galvez (Guatemala)
  • St. Paul's University (Kenya)
  • Kyrgyz Economical University,  Jalal-Abad State University (Kyrgyzstan)
  • XacBank, (Mongolia)
  • Institute of Finance and Economics (Mongolia)
  • ACE Institute of Management (Nepal)
  • Saint-Petersburg Christian University (Russian Federation)
  • Chiang Mai University (Thailand)
  • Hanoi National University of Education (Vietnam)
  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Industry(Vietnam)
  • Hochimin University of Social Science (Vietnam)
  • Taylor University (U.S.A)
  • Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan)

UNESCO Sector/Field Office responsible for the Chair/Network



Dr. George (Gihong) Kim, Coordinator

Handong Global University:

Global EDISON Academy

Handong Global University

Heunghae-Eup, Buk-Gu, Pohang, Gyeongbuk 791-708, Korea

Phone: +82-54-260-1006

E-mail: ghkim(at)