UNESCO/DAISAN KIKAKU Chair in Small and Medium Size Enterprises of Japan (661), established in 2004 at the National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbattar (Mongolia).


Small and Medium Size Enterprises.


  • To promote sound development of private corporations, initiating for the domestic companies of Mongolia the measures that Japanese Government has taken for the SMEs and managerial expertise that the SMEs in Japan have accumulated (through implementation of lectures for students and general people, implementation of debating, donation of publication dealing with the contents of activities to universities and libraries, implementation of tour to inspect SMEs in Japan and so on).
  • The Chair shall organize such other activities related to the above as may be deemed appropriate by National University of Mongolia (NUM), in consultation with UNESCO and DAISAN.

Host Institution

  • National University of Mongolia. Website


  • Daisan Kikaku, Inc, Japan.

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO Beijing Office.


Prof Momose Shigeo,
UNESCO Chairholder
E-Mail address - rba(at)
Work Phone - 0081-3-3330-3172
Fax - 03-3330-3740
Street - 5-2-10, Nogata, Nakano-ku,
City - Tokyo
Country - Japan

Prof. Dr. Davaadorj Tsenddavaa, The National University of Mongolia
E-Mail address - davaadorj(at)
Work Phone - +976-99157373
Fax - +976-11-350994
Street - P.O. Box 46/337
City - Ulaanbattar
Postal Code - 210646
Country - Mongolia