UNESCO Chair on awareness raising among poor and rural people for improving the quality of life through science and technology (837), established in 2009 at the Lahore College for Women (Pakistan).


Science education and Environment.


  • To develop and train women science teachers, in both formal and non-formal education who can work in the community to create awareness about serious issues such as clean and safe drinking water, air, pollution, population, child care, disease prevention, resource conservation, biodiversity, climate change, wastes and waste management good practices for personal hygiene and health care;
  • To create awareness among poor and rural women through seminars, workshops, roundtable meetings and open public discussions to impart scientific and technical knowledge on issues such as pollution and contamination, resource protection and management, migration measures and protection of environment by involving women academics, NGOs, government department and NGOs for future planning and management;
  • To develop network and linkages involving women scientists for future collaboration and research on various development issues related to the use of science and technology of national, regional and global importance.

Host institution

Lahore College for Women (Pakistan).

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences, UNESCO Office in Islamabad.


Prof. Dr. Bushra Mateen, The Lahore College for Women University
E-Mail address -
Work Phone - +92-42-920-30-88/9203801/09
Fax - +920-42-920-30-77
- Jail Road
City - Lahore
Country - Pakistan


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