UNESCO Chair in Science Education with Emphasis on Natural Sciences (919), established in 2011 at Belarusian State University (Belarus).


Chemistry, physics, and biology and environmental sciences and enhance interdisciplinary studies in relation to the ecosystems of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Network (WBRN) and global climate understanding.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • produce expertly trained scientists with international experience and skills in research in natural sciences, namely in chemistry, physics, biology and environmental sciences by spreading an integrated approach in natural sciences training;
  • develop international opportunities in stimulating greater interest in natural sciences among young people including the spreading of student Olympiads at international, regional, sub-regional and national levels;
  • harmonize methodologies of training in natural sciences in schools and universities, drawing on the best practices in natural sciences training, including syllabi and training aids/appliances;
  • use the sites of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Network (WBRN) as learning laboratories for the implementation of an integrated approach to training in the natural sciences, to synthesize existing multidisciplinary data in transboundary UNESCO biosphere reserves;
  • expand engagement of the international scientific community in WNBR research and education, to foster interdisciplinary studies in the sites of the WNBR.

Host Institution

Belarusian State University (Belarus)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences, UNESCO Office in Moscow



Prof. Oleg Ivashkevich, UNESCO Chairholder


Belarusian State University

4 Nezavisimosti Ave.

Minsk 220030

Republic of Belarus

E-mail: nauka(at)

Phone: +375-17-209-52-11/52-12

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