UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Water Services (973), established in 2012 at the Tampere University of Technology (Finland).


Development and governance of water resources.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • develop post-graduate training materials in collaboration with partners and provide training on management, development and governance of water services;
  • provide short-term training courses, including research courses;
  • carry out inter- and multidisciplinary research on management, development and governance of water services, and disseminate widely their results;
  • design and implement activities to strengthen university-society relations and collaboration in the field of water services;
  • produce, collect and disseminate examples of good practices in the management, development and governance of water services, and promote their application in service provision and production;
  • promote networking, knowledge and experience-sharing, student and faculty mobility to strengthen capacities in the field of management, as well as development and governance of water resources; and,
  • collaborate with relevant national, regional and global organizations to achieve the above objectives.

Host Institution

The Tampere University of Technology (Finland)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences


Adjunct Prof. Tapio Katko, UNESCO Chairholder

Tampere University of Technology

P.O. Box 527

Tampere 33101


Phone: +358-3-3115 2183

Fax: +358-3115 2869