UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Relations and Learning (443), established in 1999 at the University of La Réunion, (France).


Intercultural dialogue.


  • To provide teaching from a multidisciplinary point of view in order to train teachers, trainers, development agents and social workers.
  • To increase young people awareness of the practices of intercultural training through the production of teaching aids in order to eliminate any kind of intolerance and racism, and to contribute to the consolidation of democracy.
  • To analyze conflict situations to take an active part in a culture and an education for peace on an international scale, in the promotion of sustainable human development and in the training of tolerance.
  • To promote scientific exchanges and co-operation on a regional and international scale in order to stimulate  research.

Host Institution

UNESCO Sector/Field Office responsible for the Chair/Network



Prof. Sudel Fuma, Université de la Réunion
UNESCO Chairholder, UNESCO Chair in Intercultural Relations and Learning
E-Mail address - chaire.unesco(at)
Work Phone - 02-62-93-80-10
Fax - 02-62-93-80-16
Street - 15, Avenue René Cassin
City - Saint Denis, Massag Cedex 9
Postal Code - 97715