UNESCO Chair / Network in architecture, constructive cultures and sustainable development (90), established in 1998 at the School of Architecture of Grenoble (France).


Architecture; Human Settlements; Environment and Heritage.


  • To foster scientific progress through the implementation of an action plan which will take into account the needs of the partners in the fields of environment and heritage, human settlements, economy and production, in training, research, application and  experimentation, information diffusion and exchange,  knowledge and services transfer.
  • To set up sub-regional, regional and interregional networks of cooperation.
  • To facilitate, by institutional strengthening, the creation of teams and laboratories for the development of initial teaching, postgraduate programmes and vocational training.

Host Institution


UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network



Presentation: outcomes 2002-2009, development prospects 2010-2014

Contact: Prof. Hubert Guillaud, UNESCO Chairholder

CRATerre - E.A.G. Ecole d'Architecture de Grenoble, Laboratoire CRAterre-ENSAG
Chaire UNESCO / Réseau en architecture de terre Cultures constructives et développement durable
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