UNESCO Chair/Network of mutual knowledge of the religions of the Book, the spiritual traditions and the specific cultures (296), established in 1999 at the Institute of knowledge of the religions of the Book (France).


Intercultural and intereligious dialogue.


  • To train religious and lay high level executives for the development of an intercultural and interreligious dialogue based on fraternity and mutual respect, so as to ensure a propaedeutic teaching of the Writings, religions and spiritual traditions.
  • To undertake a thorough study of the textbooks used in the participating countries in order to eliminate any form of religious intolerance and call to violence.
  • To ensure a postgraduate teaching comprising a comparative and multidisciplinary approach of the three religions of the Book and their related cultures, so as to give a training excluding any form of syncretism and proselytism.
  • Increase awareness of the need for an interreligious dialogue opened to young people and to the whole civil society.
  • To help the religions to contribute more actively to a culture and an education for peace on an international scale, to the promotion of a sustainable  human development and to the training of tolerance.

Host Institution

  • Institute of knowledge of the religions of the Book


UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network



M. Gary Vachicouras,Director, Fondation pour la Recherche et le Dialogue interreligieux et interculturels (Genève)

Responsable de la Chaire UNESCO / Réseau de connaissance réciproque des religions du Livre, des traditions spirituelles et des cultures spécifiques
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