UNESCO Chair on Biosphere Reserves (434), established in 1999 at the Georgian State Agrarian University , (Georgia).


Ecology; Environment.


  • To conduct interdisciplinary training and research activities which promote the principles of the Seville Strategy and the statutory framework for the World Network for Biosphere Reserves of UNESCO's MAB Programme. 
  • To organize activities such as expert round tables, consultations amongst representatives of government administrations, local authorities, landowners, nature protection associations, etc. with the aim of establishing area(s) as a potential biosphere reserve in Georgia.
  • To advise on the preparation of the biosphere reserve nomination form for submission to UNESCO.
  • To advise on the preparation and implementation of a management plan for site(s) identified as potential biosphere reserve(s).
  • To advise on and promote regional co-operation on ecosystem management as appropriate through trans boundary biosphere reserves.
  • To advise on and promote co-operation amongst biosphere reserves within the European region, for example through participation in the work of the EuroMAB network of biosphere reserves.

Host Institution

UNESCO Sector/Field Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences.


Prof Tengiz Urushadze, Georgian State Agricultural University
Rector, UNESCO Chairholder
E-Mail address - t_urushadze(at)
Work Phone - (995 32) 59 52 53
Fax - (995 32) 99 88 23
Street - 13 km David Agmashenebeli Ave
City - Digomi, Tbilisi
Postal Code - 0131
Country - Georgia