UNESCO Chair in Hydrological Change and Water Resources Management (899), established in 2010 at the RWTH Aachen University (Germany)


Hydrology, water resources, climate change.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  •  contribute to the achievements of the Millennium Development Goals in the Arab Region, with special attention given to actions to cope with hydrological change and to protect and efficiently manage water resources while considering the social, economic and cultural dimension;
  • promote North-South-South cooperation and knowledge sharing to enable the development of mitigation and adaptation strategies for hydrological and climate change;
  • develop a "Water and Environmental Capacity Building Programme for Lifelong Learning” in line with the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development;
  • initiate and support the establishment of a North-South-South research network for hydrological change and water resources management;
  • contribute to building knowledge societies and raising awareness in the fields of water resources, hydrological and global changes;
  • contribute to IHP’s theme 5 on Education for Sustainable Development.

Host Institution

RWTH Aachen University (Germany)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences


Prof. Dr-Ing. Heribert Nacken, UNESCO Chairholder,RWTH Aachen University

Academic and Research Department Engineering Hydrology

Mies-van-der-Rohe Str.1

52074 Aachen

E-mail: lfi(at)

Phone: +49-(0)241 80-252-74

Fax: +49-(0)241-80-227-01