UNESCO Chair in knowledge transfer for sustainable development supported by ICTs (861), established in 2009 at the Open University of the Netherlands (The Netherlands)

Fields / Disciplines
Distance education, sustainable development.


  • Act as a bridge-builder between UNESCO’s work across its domain of competence and expertise in the field of distance education (virtual learning and learning communities) within the University;
  • Contribute to the sustainable development via the collaboration with other institutions, in particular those in the Regional Centres of Expertise (RCE) Network, in developing countries and in the region, and;
  • Build educational and research programmes focusing on new ways of valorising knowledge for sustainable development, as well as evaluating and implementing new technologies.

Host Institution
Open University of the Netherlands

UNESCO Sector / Office responsible for the Chair/Network


Prof Rietje Van Dam-Mieras, UNESCO Chairholder

Open University of the Netherlands

E-mail: mce.vandam(at)