UNESCO Chair in Open Educational Resources (906), established in 2010 at the Open University of the Netherlands (The Netherlands)

Fields / Disciplines
Distance education, open educational resources.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • offer evidence and guidance to governments and other institutions for the exploration, introduction, implementation and exploitation of Open Educational Resources (OER) at all education levels and sectors and in a variety of societies, at the institutional, national and regional levels, in line with the Netherlands’ national policy for OER, UNESCO’s priorities, the Education For All objective and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals;
  • collect information on, gain insight in, and identify the major characteristics of OER developments at the national and regional levels in a series of contexts that may be considered representative of the full spectrum of education, as well as of the variety of societies;
  • evaluate the critical success and failure factors among the national and regional OER case studies in relation to the variety of contexts, convert this into a context-dependent multi-facetted framework of best conditions and guidelines for implementing an OER strategy at the institutional, national and regional levels, and derive a set of OER scenarios fit for specific contexts; and,
  • contribute to knowledge creation, transfer, dissemination and valorization in the field of OER, specifically providing examples of good practices through internet, other media, advisory activities and training, workshops and conferences.

Host Institution
Open University of the Netherlands

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UNESCO Sector / Office responsible for the Chair/Network


Prof. Fred Mulder, UNESCO Chairholder

The Open University of the Netherlands

Valkenburgerweg 177, 6469 AT Heerlen

The Netherlands

Phone:+31 45 576 22 74