UNESCO Chair for Science, Technology and Engineering Education (891), established in 2010 at the AGH University of Sciences and Technology, Krakow(Poland)

Fields/Disciplines: Science, technology, mechanical engineering, information technology, manufacturing engineering, transportation engineering, earth sciences.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • mobilize science knowledge for sustainable development, benefit of the environment and the management of natural resources;
  • foster policies and capacity building in science, technology and innovation;
  • build synergy among universities, higher education institutions, training centres, foundations and research centres, through development of partnerships between existing Chairs along the North-South and South-South axes, which will ensure a critical mass for enhancing quality education;
  • promote principles, practices and ethical norms relevant for scientific and technological development and enhancing research-policy linkages relevant to social transformations;
  • promote cooperation in advanced research, training, and documentation between higher engineering education and industries;
  • strengthen the capacity and knowledge base of policy-makers, curriculum planners, teacher trainers and teachers, in basic sciences and technology practice and transfer, and innovation in engineering.

Host Institution

AGH University of Sciences and Technology

UNESCO Chair's webpage


UNESCO Interregional Engineering Conference in Technology and Education - Global Benchmarking and Monitoring (8-10 December 2011, Krakow)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences


Contact: Prof. Dr hab.C.Eng. Janusz Szpytko, UNESCO Chairholder

AGH University of Sciences and Technology

A. Mickiewicza Ave. 30

Krakow PL 30-059

Phone: +48-617-5109 
Fax: +48-12-617-5108

E-mail: szpytko(at)agh.edu.pl; unesco(at)agh.edu.pl