UNESCO Chair in Women, Society and Development (170), established in 1996 at Warsaw University (Poland).


Women studies.


  • To develop, with international and national support, advanced studies, training programmes and curricula in the field of women's studies.
  • To promote advanced research and high-level training for an interdisciplinary approach to women's issues for students, researchers, representatives of NGOs, journalists, etc.
  • To make the results of research on women's issues known to the academic community, government and decision-makers as well as to the general public.
  • To encourage and facilitate networking activities and wide international co-operation among other higher education institutions, particularly those in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • To strengthen links with existing women's studies networks.

Host Institution



Global Network of UNESCO Chairs on Gender

UNESCO Sector/Field Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Education; CEPES.


Prof. Renata Siemienska, Warsaw University , Department of Philosophy and Sociology
UNESCO Chairholder, UNESCO Chair in Women, Society and Development
E-Mail address - siemiens(at)post.pl
Work Phone - 48 22 826 55 91
Fax - 48 22 643 54 45
Street - Karowa 18
City - Warsaw
Postal Code - 00-324
Country - Poland