UNESCO-EOLSS Chair in Intellectual Entrepreneurship  in the World of Work for Sustainable Development (171), established in 1998 at the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management (Poland).


Management; Higher education; Technical higher education.


  • To achieve a better understanding of the content and context of new entrepreneurial and managerial skills resulting from the growing role of knowledge in the processes of sustainable development and the role of life support systems.
  • To achieve a better understanding of the role of institutions of higher education as producers and disseminators of knowledge in the context of new requirements and rapid changes in the labour market.
  • To upgrade and enhance curricula, particularly in schools of management, economics and engineering, by developing appropriate teaching modules and materials.
  • To launch an international comparative research programme on intellectual entrepreneurship and its impact on the world of work in the 21st century.
  • To establish a national and international dialogue between intellectual entrepreneurs, educators, researchers and policy makers on the application of human knowledge for global sustainable development and the preservation of life on earth.

Host Institution


UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences; Education; CEPES.



Prof. Stefan Kwiatkowski, Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management
E-Mail address - kwiat(at)wspiz.ed.pl
Work Phone - 48 22 811 30 61
Fax - 48 22 675 86 74
Street - P. O. Box 240, Ul. 59, Jagiellonska
Postal Code - PL 00-987
City - Warsaw 4
Country - Poland