Republic of Moldova

UNESCO Chair in Southeast European Studies (143), established in 1998 at the State University of Moldova (Republic of Moldova).


Southeast European Studies.


To initiate research in the following fields:  

  • Social, political, denominational and cultural realities considered in particular from the angle of historical evolution.
  • Diachronic study of the considered languages from an ethno-cultural point of view in order to contribute to the training of specialists on the matter.
  • Comparative study of Southern Europe with its bordering areas, and analysis of the area from the point of view of the intersection of cultural and religious spaces.
  • Study of problems related to interfaith relations, cultural and artistic discontinuities, Byzantine and Western influences, semiotics of cultural dialogue, cultural development and the selectivity in the assimilation of external influences, and human paradigms at various times.
  • Study of the political, economic and social relations in the sub-region and, in particular, of the problems related to the participation in the modern world economic activity.
  • Inventory of the information sources which can help the study and research on European Southern.

Host Institution


UNESCO Sector/Field Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Culture; CEPES.



Dr Emil Dragnev, Université d 'État de Moldavie
UNESCO Chairholder
E-Mail address - emildragnev(at)
Work Phone - +373 2 57 75 98
Fax - +373 2 57 75 98
Street - 60, rue A. Mateevici
City - Chišinau
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