UNESCO Chair in Geodynamics (676), established in 2005 at the Institute of Geodynamics “Sabba S.Stefanescu” of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest (Romania).


Tectonics, sedimentology, vulcanology, metalogeny, electromagnetism, gravimetry, geomagnetism, seismology, hydrology, informatics, electronics.


  • The purpose of the Chair shall be to promote an integrated system of research , training, information and documentation in the field of Geodynamics.
  • It will serve as a means of facilitating collaboration between high-level, internationally recognized researchers and teaching staff of the Institute and other institutions in Romania and Europe.

Host Institution



  • Polytechnic University of Bucharest. Web site
  • Group of Geodynamics of the Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania. Web site
  • Bucharest University. Web site
  • Petrosani University. Web site
  • Petroleum and Gaze University of Ploiesti. Web site
  • National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology. Web site


  • Observatoire Royale de Belgique (Belgique). Web site
  • Ecole Normale Supérieure, Département Terre-Atmoshpère-Océan (France). Web site
  • Institut de physique du globe de Paris, Département de Géomagnétisme (France).Web site
  • Université Blaise pascal, Observatoire de Physique du Globe de Clermont-Ferrand (France). Web site

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences.


Prof. Dorel Zugravescu, UNESCO Chairholder

Institute of Geodynamics “Sabba S.Stefanescu” of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest
E-Mail address - dorezugr(at);  inst_geodin(at)

Work Phone - + 4021 317 21 26

Fax - +4021 317 21 20

Str. Jean-Louis Calderon no. 19-21