Russian Federation

UNESCO Chair in Fine Arts and Architecture (196), established in 1998 at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts (Russian Federation).


Theory of art; Art history; Art education; Methodological aspects of art.


  • To establish and develop contacts with corresponding institutions in the European, Asia/Pacific and other regions.To conduct scientific research in fields related to art.
  • To prepare and publish educational programmes, textbooks and training aids. To promote art education and training applied by the Russian Academy of Art since 240 years of its existence and encourage their adoption elsewhere in the Russian Federation and in other countries.
  • To develop innovations in various types of plastic art.To create an information, reference and search system based on new information technologies accessible through the Internet.

Host Institution


  • Academy of Fine Arts of Copenhagen (Denmark). Website
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara (Italy). Website
  • Scientific and Research Institute of Theory and History of Art, Moscow State Academic Institute of Art (Russian Federation).
  • St Petersburg State Academic Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture (Russian Federation). Website
  • Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Madrid (Spain). Website
  • Royal Academy of London (U.K.). Website

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network




Prof. Zurab Tsereteli, Russian Academy of Fine Arts
UNESCO Chairholder, President of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts
E-Mail address - unescofound(at)
Work Phone - (7 495) 201 3665
Fax - (7 495) 201 4386
Street - Prechistenka Str. 21
City - Moscow
Postal Code - 119034
Country - Russian Federation