Russian Federation

UNESCO Chair in University Management and Planning (200), established in 1998 at the Ural A. M. Gorky State University (Russian Federation).


University management.


  • To modernize management and planning system of the university and other higher education institutions in the Sverdlovsk region.To develop a long-term strategy for institutional development of the university in the context of local and regional social and economic development.To develop and introduce new approaches and new information technologies in management and planning of higher education institutions.
  • To develop various networks of regional, national and international collaboration in the field of management and planning of higher education institutions.

Host Institution


  • Udmurt State University (Russian Federation). Website
  • Science and Higher Education Committee of Sverdlovski Region (Russian Federation).
  • Higher Schools Fund of Sverdlovsk region (Russian Federation).

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Education; IIEP.



Dr. Alexei Kluyev, Ural A. M. Gorky State University
UNESCO Chairholder, Director of The Institute of Management and Business, University Management and Planning
E-Mail address - Alexei.Kluyev(at)
Work Phone - 7 (343) 355-90-90
Fax - 7(343) 371-39-93
Street - Pr. Lenina 51, room 243
City - Ekaterinburg
Postal Code - 620083
Country - Russian Federation