Russian Federation

UNESCO Chair in Urban and Architectural Conservation (198), established in 1998 at Moscow Institute for Art of Restoration (Russian Federation).


Cultural heritage; Restoration technologies; History of art.


  • To train specialists in the field of urban and architectural conservation, and training of restorers within the framework of the "Blue Shields" Programme, in collaboration with ICOMOS, ICCROM and ICOM.
  • To develop research on new materials and restoration technologies as well as on traditional building techniques.
  • To collect bibliography, information and documentation on urban and architectural conservation.
  • To establish a network of information (Internet), between the Institute and the institutions associated to the activities of the Chair, and any other national and international organizations dealing with the preservation of the urban and architectural heritage.
  • To promote exchange of information in the relevant fields through the participation in conferences, symposia and other national and international scientific initiatives, and the publication of studies and teaching material.
  • To develop awareness among young people of the importance of preserving the world cultural heritage.

Host Institution

  • Institute for Art of Restoration
  • UNESCO Chair in Urban and Architectural Conservation, Moscow Institute for Art of Restoration (Russian Federation). Website


  • "Largos" Company of Restoration (Russian Federation).
  • State Museum of History, Moscow (Russian Federation). Website
  • Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, (Russian Federation).
  • Yaroslavl State Technical University (Russian Federation). Website
  • ICOMOS International Council on Monuments and Sites. Website
  • ICCROM - International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property. Website
  • ICOM _ International Council of Museums. Website

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Culture, UNESCO Office in Moscow.


Progress report 2009 (short version)

Progress Report 2007 (short version)


Prof. Igor Makovetsky, Moscow Academy of Restoration
UNESCO Chairholder, UNESCO Chair in Urban and Architectural Conservation
E-Mail address - intark(at)
Work Phone - (7 095) 246 1327
Fax - (7 095) 246 5862
Street - Novodevichij pr., 1
City - Moscow
Postal Code - 119435
Country - Russian Federation