Russian Federation

UNESCO Chair  on Functional Ecology (895), established in 2010 at Pushchino State University (Russian Federation)


Ecology, nature management, the protection of the environment, eco-pathology, engineering ecology, ecological law, wilderness protection, biology, biodiversity, ecological monitoring and economics


            The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • strengthen international cooperation at the higher education level, in the field of ecology and nature management;
  • mobilize the efforts of the international society to provide support for the development of a system of higher education in the area of ecology and nature management;
  • develop scientific background and submit to the Government proposals on the improvement of the Russian Federation’s legislation, taking into account UNESCO’s normative instruments in the field of ecology and ecological education;
  • perform investigations on ecological policy and management in developing countries and in countries with transition economies; and
  • elaborate special technology for distant training in ecological institutes of higher education as an instrument which promotes active inter-university cooperation, enhanced quality of ecologists training, especially in the area of management control, and development of skills in ecological designing.


Host Institution

Pushchino State University (Russian Federation)


UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences, UNESCO Office in Moscow


Prof. Anatoly S. Kerzhentsev, UNESCO Chairholder

Institute of Basic Biology Problems

Russian Academy of Sciences

Ul. Institutskaya, 2

Pushchino 142290,  Moscow Region

Russian Federation

E-mail: kerzhent(at); kerzhent(at)

Phone: +7(496) 773-2920

Fax:+7( 496) 733-0532