Russian Federation

UNESCO-INCORVUZ Chair on the development of social education (197), established in 1997 at the Russian State Social University, Moscow (Russian Federation).


Management of social transformations; Development of Civic Society and Democracy; Good Governance; Human rights and fundamental freedoms; Management of non-governmental organizations.


  • To promote the role of NGOs in the modernization of society, particularly in countries in transition; to set up a group of experts including representatives of NGOs on  various theoretical and practical aspects of the functioning of NGOs.
  • To promote research on issues of concern to NGOs. To develop training programmes and  educational materials in order to enhance human resources development of NGOs in the Russian Federation and other countries in transition.
  • To expand the networks NGOs especially those involved in UNESCO’s fields of competence of the Russian Federation and other countries in transition.

Host Institution


  • Regional centres of NGOs and Universities in Russia.
  • Focal points of the Chair and Network in the CIS countries.
  • State Duma (Parliament) of the Russian Federation.


Progress report 2008 (short version)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Education, UNESCO Moscow Office.


Dr. Alexey Borisov, UNESCO Chairholder

Russian State Social University
1-4 Vilhelm Pick Street
Moscow 129226
Russian Federation

E-mail:una(at); oms_rgsu(at)