Russian Federation

UNITWIN Network on Achieving the Education for all Goals (871), established in 2009 at the Russian Academy of Education, Moscow (Russian Federation)

 Fields/Disciplines: Education, inclusive education, teacher training


  • To render assistance to governmental bodies I the elaboration of legal documents, that secure education for all at social levels;
  • To apply information and communication technologies in the sphere of education;
  • To develop goals, contents, methods, forms and means of education;
  • To assist in solving the problems of adult learning and re-learning, as well as te implementation of continued education;
  • To provide education and rehabilitation of people with special needs;
  • To assist in the solution of gender-related problems linked to education;
  • To secure measures for raising the status of teaching personnel;
  • To educate you ad adults in the spirit of mutual understanding.

Host Institution

Russian Academy of Education

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network:
Education, UNESCO Office in Moscow

Contact: Prof. N. Nikandrov, Network Coordinator

President, Russian Academy of Education

8 Pogodinskaya Str.

119435 Moscow

Russian Federation

Phone: /Fax + 7(095) 246-22-00