The Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI) (510), established in 1999 at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain).


Higher education.


  • To foster cooperation and exchange between the different UNESCO Chairs in Higher Education in different regions of the world, bearing particularly in mind Article 26.1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • To contribute to efforts to promote the implementation of the Declaration and Framework for Priority Action approved by Member States and other participants in the World Conference on Higher Education with a view to strengthening local, national and regional development, and to reducing the increasing gap between industrialized and developing countries in the field of higher education and research.
  • To act as the UNESCO/UNU Forum proposed in paragraph 6.1 of the Framework for Priority Action of the WCHE in cooperation with institutions from all regions, in order to insure a global view of problems and of the possible solutions, thus confirming that higher education constitutes as essential means of development in the knowledge-based society.
  • To contribute to the reform and renewal of policies; to stimulate academic efforts to develop higher education in the world (involving in particular the reinforcement of research on higher education, progress towards the attainment of key objectives such as access, equity, quality, relevance and diversity and the transfer of knowledge and technology in different forms, such as provision of services, teacher training, seminars, conferences etc.).
  • To contribute to the search for resources and to stimulate factors for progress for countries or universities located in regions which have difficulty in developing their higher education capacities.
  • To contribute to cooperation between higher education governing bodies, institutions, research centres, the world of work and any other institutions concerned with this sector.
  • To assess the programme proposed and results accomplished.
  • To cooperate with the WCHE International Follow-up Committee established by UNESCO which includes the representatives of the UNU, as well as of UNESCO Member States, of inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.
  • To undertake any other business compatible with the objectives and purpose of GUNI.

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6th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education (13-15 May 2013, Barcelona, Spain)


Ms Àngels Cortina, GUNI Secretariat, Technical University of Catalonia
Project Coordinator, GUNI
E-Mail address - angels.cortina(at)
Work Phone - +34 93 401.25.86
Street - Jordi Girona, 31, Edifici CH
City - Barcelona
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