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UNESCO Chair in Communication (673), established in 2000 at the University of Texas, College of Communication, Austin, within the framework of ORBICOM Network (United States of America).


Communication and journalism.


  • To draw together faculty members from across the College of Communication with a view to further internationalizing: the educational and research programme in International and Cross-Cultural Communications, the activities aiming at professional training in Communications and Journalism, the work undertaken by the Telecommunications and Information Policy Institute (TIPI) and the outcomes of the programmes on organizational and institutional communications;
  • To develop further the international communication activities within the North and the South American axis. This may include the holding of a meeting of UNESCO Chairs in the region in the year 2000;
  • To expand the TIPI’s international policy activities with the establishment of a lecture series, a research programme and by hosting at least one international conference around global telecommunication issues;
  • To expand the student and faculty exchange with other universities hosting a UNESCO Chair in Communication and to foster a variety of substantive research and international curriculum inputs;
  • To reinforce regional, scientific collaboration and promote international exchanges of academic information by participating in the activities of UNESCO’s Network of Chairs in Communication.

Host Institution


UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Communication and Information


Prof Calmon Alves Rosental, University of Texas at Austin
E-Mail address - rosentalves(at)mail.utexas.edu
Work Phone - (1 512) 471 6851
Fax - (1 512) 471 7979
- CMA Building, Suite 4.130, 25th and Whitis Sts.Austin
City - Austin
Postal Code
- TX 78712
Country - United States of America