United States of America

UNESCO Chair in Learning and Literacy (929), established in 2011 at the University of Pennsylvania (United States of America).


Learning and literacy.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • address learning and literacy challenges focusing particularly on the most disadvantaged populations in developing countries, especially children, out-of-school youth and adults, ethnic minorities and women;
  • establish partnerships with educators, policymakers, thought leaders and other UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks, both in and beyond       the USA, to enable joint activities, particularly in the fields of early childhood, basic education, lifelong learning and ICT for development;
  • conduct and improve research and innovation in learning and literacy by using cutting-edge methodologies across a wide variety of disciplines, in line with UNESCO’s Education For All and Millennium Development Goal efforts;
  • contribute to knowledge creation, transfer to all and dissemination on how to improve children’s learning, lifelong learning and literacy for all, credible evidence-based knowledge being based on worldwide Research and Development, mostly through the creation of a UNESCO Chair Working Group;
  • reinforce capacity-building by providing masters and doctoral students with outstanding training, placing graduates and creating practice-related internships.

Host Institution

University of Pennsylvania

International Educational Development Program Graduate School of Education

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network



Professor Dan Wagner, UNESCO Chairholder


NCAL/ILI/Literacy.org & International Educational Development Program

Graduate School of Education

University of Pennsylvania

3700 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19104-6216 USA

Phone: 1-215-898-9803


E-mail: wagner(at)literacy.upenn.edu