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UNITWIN Network on Gender, Culture and People-Centered Development (780), established in 2007 at the Boston University (United States of America).


Women’s studies, development economics, history, sociology, social anthropology and cultural conservation studies.


  • The principal objectives of the Cooperation Programme are to:
  • provide advice and expertise to assist partner countries in gender, culture and development studies by:
  • establishing university outreach aimed at public awareness by promoting the engagement of the media, sustained public education campaigns and public consultation;
  • facilitating links between parties in the area of women and gender studies including local, regional and national government agencies, civic groups and humanitarian organizations;
  • helping members of the Network to promote community development and capacity-building in women and gender studies through education and training with traditional curricula and electronic dialogue;
  • developing research methodologies that aim specifically at identifying and assessing interventions that impact on women’s livelihoods, the visibility of women’s contributions and measures that counter violence against women;
  • creating effective information and communication systems by documenting cultural representations of women and girls in rituals, films, literature and development forums, and their implications for development;
  • evaluating how women fare in education, governance and the cultural heritage arena;
  • enabling Network members to convene a core group of professors and administrators from the participating universities and development organizations to further develop the substantive and procedural agenda.

Host Institution

  • Boston University (USA). Website
  • Women’s Studies Program. Website
  • Blog of UNITWIN Network on Gender, Culture and People-Centered Development. Website
  • Equality Burkina UNITWIN blog Website



Global Network of UNESCO Chairs on Gender

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

BSP,UNESCO Liaison Office in New-York.

Documents and Publications

Another view of Africa (2013)  

Progress Report 2008-2010 (short version)

Women's History Initiatives (2010)

Another Side of India: Gender, Culture and Development (2008)

Srihaswani - 5 Years On (2010)


Dr Brenda Gael McSweeney, Visiting Faculty, Women's Studies Program, Boston University
Co-ordinator of the UNITWIN Network on Gender, Culture and People-Centered Development
E-Mail address - bgm(at)bu.edu
Street - 704 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 101
City - Boston
Province/State - Massachusetts
Postal Code - 02215
Country - United States of America

Ms Shahla Haeri, Women’s Studies Program, Boston University
E-Mail address - shaeri(at)bu.edu
Phone- (617) 358-2371/70
Fax - (617) 358-2369
Street  - 704 Commonwealth Avenue, Suite 101
City- Boston
Province/State - Massachusetts
Postal Code -- 02215
Country - United States of America