UNESCO Chair in Human Security and Regional Development in Latin America (935), established in 2011 at the Blas Pascal University, Córdoba (Argentina)


Human security, natural sciences development and environmental management.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • disseminate, through conferences and publications, the meaning and importance of human security and its relation with human rights, fundamental freedoms, democracy, peace, social justice and gender equality;
  • undertake a comparative study from a multidisciplinary perspective, covering the topic of human security and its state of art in Latin America, based on the Human Development Report published by the UNDP; and,
  • taking into account UNESCO’s work on Human Security, notably the publication “Human Security: Approaches and Challenges” (2008), develop the concept of human security as an operational tool that will serve in the formulation of public policies through the creation of an academic network that will facilitate knowledge exchange in a North-South-South dynamic, at the regional and international levels.

Host Institution

Blas Pascal University, Córdoba (Argentina)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Social and Human Sciences


Professor Alberto Emilio Ferral, UNESCO Chairholder 

The Blas Pascal University

E-mail: aferral(at)

Phone: +54-351-489-02-28

Avenida  Donato Álvarez 380 – (5147) Argüello