UNESCO Chair on the Professional Development of Teachers (921) , established in 2010 at Carlos Chagas Foundation, São Paolo (Brazil).


Teacher training and development.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • perform scientific investigation and develop joint research with universities and research centres on teachers’ education, in order to produce knowledge that considers subjectivity as one of the dimensions of teachers’ professional development process;
  • be an interface between the participating universities, research centres and Brazilian teaching networks through the preparation of teacher education projects and activities, in order to provide an ongoing excellence education to researchers and to promote changes and reformulations in teachers’ professional education processes;
  • contribute to the preparation of documents that may guide educational public policies, particularly those focused on teachers’ education, and to create mechanisms for a joint action and information exchange between universities for supporting the reformulation and improvement of pedagogy courses for teachers; and,
  • develop comparative studies at the national and international levels, disseminate research and results achieved in books, congresses and magazines to foster the debate among the academic community responsible for teachers’ education and, through a website, enable the establishment of groups of studies with the participation of international students and teachers of undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Host Institution

The Fundação Carlos Chagas


Hacia una psicología social de la educación (2011)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Education, UNESCO Office in Brasilia


Prof. Clarilza Prado de Sousa, UNESCO Chairholder

The Fundação Carlos Chagas

Avenida Francisco Morato, 1565

05513-900, Jardim Guedala

São Paolo


E-mail: csousa(at)