UNITWIN Network in Latin America’s integration process at the Latin American memorial (865), established in 2009 at the University of Sao Paolo, the Sao Paolo State University “Julio Mesquita Filho”, the State University of Campinas and the Latin American Memorial (Brazil)


Historical studies of Latin America, energy integration, social development, environment, climate change, water resources, ICTs.


The principal objectives are to:

Provide advice and expertise to assist all countries, particularly the least developed in the Latin American region by:

  • Establishing a sustainable research programme and a knowledge-sharing network, composed of specialists, students, government authorities and private organizations;
  • Developing a series of conferences and seminars to discuss and disseminate knowledge related to Latin American problems and solutions;
  • Publishing and distributing books and papers with the compilation of the works; and
  • Reaching financial sustainability by signing sponsorship agreements with public and private sector organizations with interests in Latin America.

 Host Institutions

The University of Sao Paolo

The Sao Paolo State University “Julio Mesquita Filho”

The State University of Campinas

The Latin American Memorial

 UNESCO Sector/ Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Education, UNESCO Office Brasilia.

UNESCO Contacts: Carmen Piñán c.pinan(at) ;

Vincent Defourny v.defourny(at)


Prof. Suely Vilela Sampaio, Rector

University of Sao Paolo

Prof. German Jacobus Cornelius Voorwald, Rector

The Sao Paolo State University “Julio Mesquita Filho”


Prof. José Tadeu Jorge, Rector

The State University of Campinas


Prof. Fernando Leça, President

The Latin American Memorial