UNESCO Chair in mass media and citizen participation(600), established in 2003 at Diego Portales University within the framework of ORBICOM Network (Chile).


Communication, Development and Citizenship.


  • To create an academic and professional field for reflection, discussion and analysis of issues / problems in communications, trying to give priority to matters of regional and local context.
  • To enhance discussion amid students, graduates, teachers and media professionals intending to help resolve problems of the population.
  • To inspire interuniversity cooperation and thus create and exchange knowledge.

Major activities 2008

  • Cycles of lectures, seminars, courses and publications on:
  • "Citizen and participative journalism", an elective course for senior students of Journalism at UDP.
  • Cycle of lectures at the Municipality of Vitacura "Communication Media and School: Marriage for convenience?"
  • Permanent media publications to enhance debate. Website
  • Cycle of lectures named "Conversations with ..." Radio Columnist:Columnista "Radio Universidad de Chile".
  • Participation in several seminars and presentations such as the Celebration of World Press Freedom Day, access to information and citizen empowerment which took place in June in Montevideo (Uruguay) or the workshop on Public Policy Communication held in October in Asuncion (Paraguay).
  • Training of journalists.
  • In cooperation with OREALC a meeting will be held with the directors from schools of journalism in Chile. Their reflections about the issue “what kind of journalism is needed in developing countries?” will be published as a result of the debates.
  • Blog Mujeres en conexión
  • Newspaper Columnist:Columnista "Revista El Periodista"

Host Institution



Global Network of UNESCO Chairs on Gender

UNESCO Sector/Field Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Communication and Information; UNESCO Office in Santiago.

Contact: Prof. Alejandra Matus, UNESCO Chairholder

Facultad Comunicación y Letras

Universidad Diego Portales

Vergara 240
Santiago de Chili

E-mail: alejandra.matus(at)

Phone - 562-6762351

Fax: 562-6762319