UNESCO-EOLSS Chair in Natural Resource Management, Land Planning and Environmental Protection (489), established in 1999 at the Catholic University of Concepción, Center of Environmental Sciences (Chile).


Natural resource management; Land planning.


  • To develop a regional training programme on natural resource management, land planning and environmental protection, in close coordination with the Regional Network.
  • To elaborate and develop the quality of the training package initiated by the Center for an annual regional training course.
  • To provide renowned experts to lecture for the course.
  • To provide technical advice for popular and scientific publications.
  • To promote the activity of the regional network of scholars and institutions involved in research and training related to natural resource management, land planning and environmental protection, creating links with similar advanced institutes/organizations in the developed world.

Host Institution

UNESCO Sector/Field Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Natural Sciences; UNESCO Office in Santiago.



Dr. Oskar Parra, Centro de Ciencias Ambientales, (EULA-Chile), Universidad de Concepción
E-Mail address -
Work Phone - 56-41-204-002
Fax - 56-41-207-076
- University Campus, P. O. Box 160-C
City - Concepción
Country - Chile