RAMLEDA Iberoamerican Network for the teaching of Copyright and Neighbouring rights (399), established in 1999 at the CERLALC - Centro Regional para el Fomento del Libro en América Latina, (Colombia).


Copyright and neighbouring rights.


  • To train the high level specialists necessary for the good working of the national system of protection of intellectual property rights and for the international representation of the country in this field.
  • To provide the legal expertise adapted to the lawyers for the business of works and services protected by royalty and neighbouring rights.
  • To develop and update constantly the national expertise on the matter according to the development of the creation and business of intellectual works and to the evolution of the international relations related to the cultural exchanges.

Host Institution


  • Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina). Website
  • Universidade do Vale do Rio do Sinos-UNISINOS (Brazil). Website
  • Universidad de Chile (Chile). Website
  • Universidad de los Andes (Colombia). Website
  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Colombia). Website
  • Universidad de la Habana (Cuba). Website
  • Universidad de Asunción (Paraguay). Website
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico). Website
  • Universidad de Alicante (Spain). Website
  • Universidad de Los Andes Mérida (Venezuela). Website

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network



Prof. Carmen Bravo, Centro Regional para el Fomento del Libro en América Latina
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Work Phone - 57 1 212 6056 / 249 5141
Fax - 57 1 3212 7503
- Apartado 57348, Calle 70 No 9-52
City - Santafé de Bogotá, D.C.
Country - Colombie