UNESCO Chair in Higher Education Management (76), established in 1993 at the University of La Havana (Cuba).


Higher Education Management.


  • To set up an articulated system of training, research, information and documentation activities intended to strengthen the postgraduate studies programme of higher education institutions administration and management.
  • To promote the participation of women in management, teaching and research within the higher education institutions.

Host Institution


  • Cuban ministry of education. Website
  • Members of the Network of the Inter-American University Organization (IGLU-OUI). Website
  • Members of the regional Network of UNESCO Chairs in Higher education (RESALC), coordinated by the IESALC. Website
  • Technical aid to many institutions in Latin America and in the Caribbean.

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Education, IESALC; UNESCO Habana.


Progress report 2009-2010 (short version) 

Progress report 2007 (short version) 


Dr Elvira Martín Sabina, Universidad de La Habana, Centro de Estudios para el Perfeccionamiento de la Educación Superior (CEPES)
UNESCO Chairholder, Director
E-Mail address -
Work Phone - 53 7 32 32 03 44/ 32 95 40
Fax - 53 7 33 41 82/ 33 32 95/33 43 91
- Calle 23 Nº 453, Esq. H, Vedado
City - La Habana
Country - Cuba