UNESCO “Cecilia Braslavsky Chair in Teacher Training for Innovation in Education" (1006), established in 2012 at the Pedagogical National University (Mexico).


Education policy, intercultural diversity, sciences and arts, information technologies and teacher training.


The specific objectives of this Chair are to:

  • establish a regional mapping of the current status of teacher education policies and educational innovations;
  • facilitate comparative research or educational practices, institutional management and the impact of gender equality policies on the educational
  • system by reinforcing the links between researchers in the Latin American and the Caribbean region;
  • stimulate various innovative teacher education projects in order to build a platform that will allow the development and sharing of research in education programmes at a post-graduate level; and,
  • constitute an international network that will concentrate research projects concerning teacher training programmes, thus fostering the exchange of knowledge and good practices in a North-South-South dynamic.

Host Institution

Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (Mexico)

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Education, UNESCO Office in Mexico

Contact: Professor Dra Sylvia Beatriz Ortega Salazar, Rector

Universidad Pedagógica Nacional

Carretera al Ajusco, 24, Col. Héroes de Padiesrna, Delegación Tlalpán

14200 Mexico