UNESCO Chair on Regional Integration and University (139), established in 1995 at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico).


Knowledge and technology transfer.


  • To promote an integrated system of research, training, information and documentation activities.
  • To provide a postgraduate study programme on the impact of the economic globalization process on knowledge and technology transfer.

Host Institution


  • CSUCA - Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano (Guatemala). Website
  • AMPEI - Asociación Mexicana para la Educación Internacional (Mexico). Website
  • ANUIES - Asociación Nacional de Universidades e Instituciones de Educación Superior (Mexico). Website
  • AUGM – Asociación de Universidades Grupo Montevideo (Uruguay). Website
  • WICHE - Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (USA). Website
  • Members of the regional UNESCO Chairs network in Higher Education (RESALC) coordinated by the IESALC. Website
  • NIER.
  • UNICA.

UNESCO Sector/Field Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Education, IESALC; UNESCO Office in Mexico.


Progress report 2009 (short version)

Progress Report 2006 (short version) 


Dra Alma Herrera Márquez, Centro de Estudios Sobre la Universidad -CESU Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México -UNAM
UNESCO Chairholder
Work Phone - (52) 55 55 49 21 80
Fax - (52) 55 56 65 01 23
- Circuito Exterior, Ciudad Universitaria
City - México D.F.
Postal Code
- 04510