UNESCO Chair for Development Studies (280), established in 1995 at the Central University of Venezuela (Venezuela).




  • To promote an integrated system of research, training, information and documentation activities focusing mainly on the analysis of the multiple relations between economic, socio-political, cultural, scientific, technological and ecological spheres affecting development programmes
  • To act as a platform to foster policy dialogue between the social actors concerned (State, local authorities, businesses, trade unions, scientific communities, NGOs, etc.) and help in policy formulation.
  • To sensitize public opinion, researchers and decision-makers to the most appropriate policies and programmes in the field of sustainable development.
  • To facilitate collaboration between high-level internationally recognized researchers, the research team of the University, and other institutions in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Host Institution

  • Central University of Venezuela. Website


  • Venezuela: Instituto de Estudios Avanzados (Venezuela).
  • Universidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela).
  • Comisión Presidencial para la Reforma del Estado (Venezuela).

UNESCO Sector/Office responsible for the Chair/Network

Social and Human Sciences; UNESCO Office in Quito.


Prof. Heinz R. Sonntag, Centro de Estudios del Desarrollo, Universidad Central de Venezuela
Work Phone - 582 242 14 16
Fax - 582 241 37 77
- Apartado Postal 6622, Colinas de Bello Monte
City - Caracas 1010-A
Country - Venezuela