Education Leaders Forum 2009

"Higher Education: Re-Visioning for Recovery. The Path to Sustainable Development"

This one-day Forum, jointly organized by UNESCO and Microsoft on 9 July 2009, will follow the World Conference on Higher Education and take the form of a "Ministers' Day".

Innovative use of e-technology – whether through the use of new-generation computer devices, ‘smart’ monitoring equipment, or ubiquitous academic, research and social networks is the key to creating responsive, effective and efficient Higher Education institutions and services. How then can governments and universities take full advantage of e-technology’s potential to address the current enormous knowledge and skills challenges?

At the Forum, high-level speakers will urge rapid responses to immediate needs in order to build skills for much changed, or even brand new jobs - as well as longer-term reflection on how global financial stresses, so prominently exposed at the recent G20 meeting, demand a re­visioning of aspirations for Higher Education.

Thanks to expert facilitation and a highly interactive working environment, Forum Members are expected to gain new insights into how e-technology can help make the most of precious Higher Education investment.

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