Joined UNESCO: 01/11/1974

Head of State and/or Government

Président de la République: Son Exc. M. Jose Mario Vaz
Premier Ministre: Augusto Antonio Artur Da Silva

National Commission for UNESCO

Président: S.Exc. M. Aristides Ocanti da Silva *

Vice-Président: M. Antonio Oscar Barbosa

Vice-Président: M. Baciro Dja

Secrétaire exécutif: M. Policarpo Marcos LOPES

Commission nationale pour l'UNESCO de la République de Guinée-Bissau
Ministère de l'Education B.P. 353 BISSAU Guinée-Bissau
(245) 215-640; +245 22 225 9568 (SG portable) +245 590 76 11 (SG) +245 665 12 35 (SG)
(245) 215-643; (245) 202-244
policarpounesco(a) (SG)

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Representation in the Executive Board

The 1991 amendment modified Article V of the Constitution, regarding the status of members of the Board. From the 27th session of the General Conference (1993), the Executive Board consists of Member States rather than of persons (26 C/Resolution 19.3).
Title Name Years Sessions
MemberMr Mario de Andrade1980-1981111-113
MemberMr Mario Cabral1981-1985113-121
MemberMr Fidelis Cabral de Almada1985121-122

Participation in subsidiary organs

Other intergovernmental organs

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission