International Convention on the Recognition of Studies, Diplomas and Degrees in Higher Education in the Arab and European States bordering on the Mediterranean. Nice, 17 December 1976.1

States Date of deposit of instrument Type of instrument
7Croatia06/07/1992Notification of succession
8Slovenia05/11/1992Notification of succession
9Bosnia and Herzegovina12/07/1993Notification of succession
10The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia30/04/1997Notification of succession
11Serbia11/09/2001Notification of succession
12Montenegro26/04/2007Notification of succession

1This Convention entered into force on 6 March 1978. It subsequently entered into force for each State one month after the date of deposit of that State’s instrument, except in cases of notifications of succession, where the entry into force occurred on the date on which the State assumed responsibility for conducting its international relations.