Deprivation and Marginalization in Education (DME)

Disparities in education poverty

Education poverty – or the proportion of those aged 17 to 22 with fewer than 4 years of education – varies greatly according to wealth, location, gender, ethnicity and language.

The chart below shows the best-off and worst-off groups in each country, by wealth quintile, urban or rural location, region, ethnic group, and language group.

Use the tick boxes to select particular countries or groups.


  1. Data are for the population aged 17 to 22 unless otherwise stated
  2. Regions presented are the first official administrative division level except the following which are geographic areas rather than official administrative divisions: Colombia, Egypt, Guatemala, Iraq, Jordan, Lao PDR, Libya, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine.