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IIEP 2007 Summer School
Paris, 6–15 June 2007

Transparency, accountability and
anti-corruption measures in education

Course objectives

The objectives of the 2007 summer school will be:

  • to develop awareness of the magnitude in education;
  • to train participants in the design and implementation of various diagnostic tools aimed at assessing distorted practices in the use of education resources;
  • to train participants on how to design and implement strategies to improve transparency and accountability in education.


The agenda will include three main components:

  • overview of the issue of corruption in education;
  • methodologies to diagnose and assess corruption, in particular public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS),
  • quantitative service delivery surveys(QSDS), report card surveys and audit methods;
  • and policies and strategies for improving transparency and accountability in selected domains, such as financing, procurement, teacher management, private tutoring, and academic fraud.

Learning approach

The course will be taught in English. Extensive use will be made of the materials produced under the IIEP research programme on “Ethics and corruption in education”, in addition to materials and publications from the World Bank, OSI, TI and U4. Modes of operation will include lectures and practical exercises. Videoconferences will also be organised from the World Bank offi ce in Paris.


Target audience

The participants (maximum 30) will be primarily chosen from among high-level managers and administrators from Ministries of Education and Finance in developing countries worldwide. They will also include representatives of the civil society and donor agencies.


Faculty will consist of staff of the IIEP, the WBI, the OSI, TI and the U4 as well as a selected number of international consultants with considerable experience across several continents.


Course pack

Participants will receive the following documents:

  • Corrupt schools, corrupt universities: What can be done? Jacques Hallak and Muriel Poisson. (An IIEP publication)
  • A CD-ROM including useful references on the issue of ethics and corruption in education.
  • Power point presentations of the various lectures given during the course.
  • Terms of references for the exercises and group discussions.


At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate from the IIEP and co-organising partner agencies.



Participants will have to arrange and finance their travel and accommodation costs. No fee will be charged to participants from developing countries. A fee of US$ 1000 will be charged to participants from bilateral and multinational agencies (see details for payment on the application form).

Those participants requiring a visa to enter France are advised to apply early, as the processing of visa applications can be lengthy.



How to apply?
Fill in the application form on-line
or alternatively download and print the pdf file and fax it to: Ama Ampadu at
+33 1 40 72 83 66

The Summer School will take place in Paris at the International Institute for Educational Planning
7-9, rue Eugène Delacroix
75116 Paris, France
Tel.: + 33 1 45 03 77 92
Some sessions will be held
at the World Bank office
in Paris.

IIEP: Muriel Poisson
Tel: + 33 1 45 03 77 92