CDS/ISIS Utilities for Windows

ISIS2XML, a software for converting CDS/ISIS record into XML format (by P. Chabert) ( download setup, French) (Read me)
XML2Isis, an utility for converting XML data into CDS/ISIS records ( download setup) (source code) (documentation)
ImpExp2709, extends the ISO2709 capabilities of CDS/ISIS to all ISO2709 types (compatible MARC) (download setup) (documentation English, Italiano) (Read me)
IsisASCII, allows importing ASCII delimited files into CDS/ISIS databases (download setup) (source code) (documentation: English, Spanish) (Read me)(What's new)
RDB, allows data exchange between relational ODBC databases and Iso 2709 (Setup Disk 1 , Disk 2 , Disk 3 , Disk 4 , Disk 5) (Upgrade) (User Manual) (source code) (Read me)
MSTRCV2, tool for rebuilding the Cross Reference File XRF Executable (readme)